Web design

Below are a few websites that I have produced using mostly WordPress, Vanilla Javascript or ReactJS. All are constantly under further development as I think of new and more efficient methods. I am on a mission to create highly focused software for the classroom that is specific to the teacher.

I find Googles Sites to be useful in creating lesson plans but aim to expand its capabilities by creating my own version. 


Created in WordPress and Elementor page builder.

Pretty straight forward but with a custom PHP built booking system that could probably do with an update. However my client hates to spend money . 


MW Car and Commercials

Created without a CMS using bootstrap.

Currently being redone in React.JS with Flexbox as I do not find bootstrap user friendly. Link

Mawddach Cottages

Created in Joomla way back in time. Recently made more mobile friendly with a lot of modern css tweaking. 

Due to a third party componant that is essential to the website I could not port the website or even upgrade to a newer version of Joomla.

In addition, I do not have any hi res photos. I will ask the client to forward some more recent photos later. Anyone with a modern phone can get a good image these days.  

I suppose lessons are learnt in respect to depending on third party apps. When a client, with zero capacity for technology, has become complacent with a the initial software it is impossible to get them to adjust to any slight change.  

I also concentrated on making the front page as long as possible whilst throwing in a couple of links to other pages. These days people are more comfortable scrolling up and down on a mobile phone.


Just a little mention!

This is a google sites project that I use to help me remember games whilst planning for a lesson. It is extremely useful when some lesson plans dry up quickly.


Spin the wheel

Created with JS and CSS.

Again, this is extremely useful in the classroom with the advantage of changing the wheel. I have made it possible to change the wheel depending on what subject and age I am teaching. Instead of hard coding the wheel I opted to spin an image. This way a new wheel can be created in Photoshop etc and incorporated in to the software. Link

Yes No Maybe

Created in JS and CSS

Yet another popular teaching gameto spark intelligent thinking. 

One student must face away from the screen and ask other students questions about what the image is. The other students can only reply with yes no or maybe. 
When the sudent guesses what the image is the remainder of time is added to their score. Link

Memory game

A great game for kids learning the basics.

Pick 2 colors and match the letters. Best to put students in to teams.

It will later have a option to select different formats (e.g. 1-5, a-z, short words etc)

If the students do not know colours you can ask them to do hand signals(up, down, left, right)



A very easy game but great for reinforcing younger children to remeber vocabulary.


Picture memory game

Similar to the letter matching game but the students are forced to say the name of the image.